ROAD Story: Mille Miglia and kantYna

Lookbook for Nico

2019.02.04 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 15] – Lookbook, Spring 2019.

NICO – Photoshoot

2019.02.04 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 12].

STREET Photoshoot for Nico.

2018.12.05 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 10] – Lookbook, Winter 2018/19.

NICO – Photoshoot

2018.11.14 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 8].

NICO – Photoshoot

2018.10.24 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 6].

Lookbook for Nico

2018.10.22 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 5] – Lookbook, Menswear, Fall 2018.

NICO – Photoshoot

2018.10.18 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 4].

NICO – Photoshoot

2018.10.17 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 3].

Photoshoot for Nico

2018.10.09 – Photoshoot for Nico [nr 2] – for billboards and social media.

[Film] STU Theatre – Wandering by St. Wyspiański

ALREADY IS NOW! We recorded at the end of 2015. 3 hours live show, for 3 days, plus extra nights shots of selected scenes. 5 points of view (Sony Ex3 cameras). Monthly intense first editing with 15 hours of raw footage. Then, for half a year, multiple meetings with director K. Jasiński, and director’s cat. In June, extra time with the actors. In Autumn post-production of sound. The beginning of 2017 final cut and now is ready: “Wandering according to Stanisław Wyspiański” at the STU Theater, DVD edition.


Scenes from openair show
“The Seagull” of A. Chekhov, by Lviv Theatre Voskresinnia
Cracow 2016

BAYLA Backstage

Backstage for fashion brand Bayla [Lookbook, Spring-Summer 2015]


Scenes from show
“Masquerade” of M. Lermontow, by Nikolaj Kolada
Theatre of Juliusz Słowacki in Cracow